Asbestos Consulting


Upon request, our accredited personnel will perform an extensive inspection and collect representative bulk samples per USEPA guidelines in order to identify the presence/absence of “asbestos containing material” (ACM) in buildings prior to the onset of renovations/demolition work. The report generated outlines and summarizes our findings, including observations, sampling/analysis results, locations and quantities of ACM and recommendations geared toward client specified need. In NYC, our NYC DEP certified Asbestos Investigators can inspect and issue an ACP-5 (not an asbestos project), as applicable for renovation/demolition projects in New York City.


Based upon the results reported in the Asbestos Building Survey, budgetary cost estimates and Project Specifications may be prepared so that the project may be bid to qualified contractors. SES representative will attend any pre-bid walkthroughs and will normally be present on-site throughout the abatement process to assure full compliance with the Project Specifications and applicable Federal, State, and local regulations. Our NYS DOL certified Asbestos Project Designers can draft and file a site specific variance for an asbestos abatement project in NYS and NYC and assist in compliance with the NYC DEP/DOB A-TRU filing process. Our NYS/NJ licensed Architect will prepare a Title 15 compliant Work Place Safety Plan (WPSF) and other documents as appropriate for submittal to NYC DOB. Our Architect can also inspect your building structure(s) to determine its structural integrity & issue appropriate paperwork to deem the structure either safe or unsafe to occupy.


SKY’s professionals can also prepare asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plans for the building management, real-estate, and insurance community so that asbestos materials may be safely “managed-in-place”.


NYS/NYC: As required by NYS DOL/NYC DEP, 3RD party project/air monitoring must be performed during all asbestos abatement projects. Our personnel who are certified by NYS DOL as Project Monitor/Air Sampling Technicians can be assigned to an asbestos abatement project to provide continuous oversight of the asbestos contractor’s work activities in order to ensure their compliannce with applicable regulations, perform various required inspections and collect air samples prior, during and at the completion of the project as required either by ICR56 (NYS DOL) or Title 15 (NYC DEP).

NJ DCA Subchapter 8: SKY will prepare Asbestos Specification for filing with a Building Department as required by the code and provide full-time ASCM monitoring for the duration of the project to ensure Asbestos Abatement Contractor is in full compliance.


In addition to described asbestos consulting, our personnel can also provide the following related services:

  • Ambient, indoor air sampling for asbestos along with a variety of other indoor contaminants (i.e.,silica, mold, & metals)
  • Dust and micro-vac sampling, including HVAC systems