Lead Consulting

In the last 10+ years, our team of certified lead professionals completed numerous residential, commercial and other lead projects in the capacity of consultants and project managers. Combining this experience with our diverse background in health and safety, environmental engineering, and construction management, we are pleased to offer a complete turn-key lead service package to our valued customers. Our company operations and quality-control staff attend numerous training seminars and constantly update all of our lead programs so that we can provide dependable state-of-the-art service to our clients at a reasonable price. These attributes are essential in servicing an evolving market with inherent owner liability.

At SKY we offer the following lead consulting services: Final clearance inspection/assessment & lead dust wipe sampling (NY/NJ); Surveys/Hazard Assessments for residential/commercial properties and day care facilities (NY/NJ); and, Lead O&M Plans (NJ). SES and its personnel are licensed by NJDH&SS & USEPA/New York State to perform lead inspections/risk assessments and certifications.

  • We perform final inspection & dust wipe testing after the completion of lead abatement corrective action or other construction work. If the work area is found to be non-compliant, recommendations regarding revision to existing work activities and appropriate corrective action are then provided. When the work area is found to be in compliance with the applicable regulations a final clearance report is issued.

  • At SKY we utilize state-of-the-art x-ray fluorescence (XRF) inspection technology/instrumentation in our lead inspections. Specifically, we use Innov-X XRF unit, which is free of radioactive isotopes, thus allowing its transport and use across the State lines with added safety to clients who are concerned with radiation safety at their homes.

  • In order to comply with DOH, local code rules, and EPA Title X regulations, multi-family residential units must be inspected for the presence of lead based paint (LBP). SES professionals conduct representative testing so that LBP may be identified and categorized according to substrate and hazard potential. These results are summarized in a user-friendly report, which depending on the complexity and size of the project can be delivered to the client within 3 to 5 business days. Corrective action is then specified based upon hazard potential with cost minimization taken into consideration. We specialize in coordinating lead abatement issues with general renovation or construction projects such that cost is further reduced.

  • Our USEPA accredited Management Planner has prepared numerous asbestos and lead operations and maintenance (O&M) plans for the building management, real-estate, and insurance community so that asbestos and lead materials may be safely “managed-in-place”.


In addition to described lead consulting work, our personnel can also provide the following services:

  • Soil sampling for lead, along with other metals and hazardous constituents.
  • Potable water sampling/analysis for lead, along with other metals and hazardous constituents.
  • Air sampling for presence/absence of lead in dust during construction/demolition projects as part of Public Relations approach.